Koreans Try Shotgunning A Beer…And It’s A Complete Disaster

Beer is literally everywhere.

A YouTube channel by the name of “Solfa” thought it would be fun for Koreans to attempt shotgunning a beer.

To put it simply, this when you attempt to drink a beer in one shot, where the liquids flow out all at once.

The initial attempts end in a disaster, and it makes a mess everywhere.

The cast couldn’t contain their laughter, after seeing how bad some of their attempts were.

The cast eventually gets the hang of it and can start making “proper” attempts.

However, there are still a bunch of disastrous attempts that end with beer just going everywhere.

Some of them do it successfully and drink the beer in one shot.

Others just want this whole thing to stop and can’t stop making a mess everywhere.

Other members of the cast just give up and are in disbelief over the whole situation.

Here is the full video below!