Koreans Are Trying To Predict This Year’s Baeksang “TV Daesang” Winner And The Debate Is On Fire

Which show will take the win?

After the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards announced this year’s 56th ceremony to be held June 5, 2020 (without live audience to fight the coronavirus)…

Live on JTBC on June 5, 2020 (Friday) 5PM KST

… Korean netizens have found themselves in a heated debate over which television program has the most potential to win daesang, or grand prize. While the Baeksang Arts Awards does not announce the daesang candidates in advance — which could be a single individual or an entire show…

Baeksang Arts Awards Trophy

… netizens believe “it has to be one of these three“. A large group of netizens suggested the sensational TV audition program Mister Trot has the likelihood — as it raked in views of all age groups, from teens to seniors.

This show gave life back to the otherwise falling genre of Korean trot. What else would an awards program need to crown a show? This show’s winner and participants are now appearing on different shows across all channels. And that is contributing to the spike in viewer ratings overall. This year’s Daesang is reserved for Mister Trot, obviously.

— Netizen

Others rooted for the controversial K-Drama series The World of The Married to snatch the daesang. Looking at the record-breaking stats of the show’s viewer ratings, this could definitely be possible.

I don’t know man. I really can’t overlook the fact that Baeksang extended the cut off date of the shows to include more titles for this year’s awards. And from that, The World of The Married made it on to a lot of the other candidates list. I’m guessing actress Kim Hee Ae is potentially being considered for her incredible acting in The World of The Married.

— Netizen

Some put their bets on the charming K-Drama series When The Camellia Blooms to take home the win. The two lead characters boasted an incredible chemistry that charmed all the viewers — and the romantic netizens believe that feel-good vibe is a Baeksang favorite.

Okay, but Baeksang Arts Awards likes heartwarming stuff like When The Camellia Blooms, so I’d bet my money on that. Plus, all the other categories have When The Camellia Blooms included. That shows how influential and big-of-a-deal this show had been for the viewers. There is no way Baeksang Arts Awards would pass up on a candidate like this one.

— Netizen

Do you think one of these three titles will win? Or do you have a different potential in mind? Stay tuned for our coverage of the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards in June to find out!

Source: THEQOO