Koreans Upset By Suzy And Lee Dong Wook’s 13-Year Age Gap

They’re calling him “Old man ajusshi…”

Netizens are upset about Suzy and Lee Dong Wook‘s massive age difference, calling him an ajusshi, a term used to refer to a much older man who is more like an uncle.

Suzy is 24 and Lee Dong Wook is 37.


Comments about the age gap are filling Korean forums, with many starting with “I’m a Suzy fan but…” or “I’m a fan of Dong Wook but…”

  • “I’m such a fan of Lee Dong Wook but he’s too much of an ajusshi for Suzy!”
  • “Suzy makes good money and is pretty but still meets a man over 30.”
  • “He’s looking at 40…”
  • “Old man ajusshi…”


It has been observed however, that netizens reacted very differently to the news earlier this week that singer Shim Mina and former SoReal member Philip Ryu (who have an even larger age gap of 17 years) are getting married.

  • “We support your brave choice. What does age matter when you care so much for one another?”
  • “A wonderful and beautiful relationship so age isn’t important. If you respect each other, you will be happy.”


45-year-old Mina and 28-year-old Philip announced they were dating in 2015. Mina shared her worries about the age gap but said because she acted immaturely for her age they actually matched well.

“I wanted to get married before I was 40 years old, but even in my 40s I felt like I was young.” — Mina


Nobody is quite sure of the reason for this apparent double-standard but one thing’s for sure, it’s certainly not bothering the happy new couple!

Source: Green Economy and HUFFPOST
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