Here’s What One Of Korea’s Most Beautiful Actresses Used To Look Like At Her Visual Peak

Han Ga In has been considered by many the apex of Korean standards of beauty, so imagine what she looked like in her prime!


Who would have thought she could be just as, if not even more, beautiful during her college years at Kyung Hee University?


Her beauty was so legendary that students talked about the “Moses’s miracle effect” of Han Ga In’s presence: crowds would split and make way for her to pass.


Her presence also brought in the crowds. Anytime she joined a club, groups of male students would follow suit.


Plastic surgeons have called her facial features an excellent example of the beautiful Asian face.

“Han Ga In has a short chin, which makes her look younger.” – Anonymous Plastic Surgeon


No wonder she’s many South Korean men’s ideal woman!


Watch the full clip of her gorgeous college days below: