Korea’s God Of Studying Teaches You 7 Tricks That Will Help You Ace Your Next Exam

Raised up in poverty, Jang Seung Soo graduated high school in 6 years and got into Korea’s most prestigious law school in Seoul National University. And he shared his 7 tricks to becoming a study master like himself!


1. Use proper lighting and dim out the background

Don’t let your environment or the things around your desk distract you. Use a light stand just over your books and get focused.

2. Use two different versions of the same content to study

Compare how different textbooks cover the same material and grasp an overall understanding of its contents.

3. Look up every single word you do not know.

Do whatever it takes to look up the definitions of words you don’t know. Understand everything in the text and don’t skip over things!

4. Move on to the next subject after a 20min mark

Don’t drain your brain with the same subject for a prolonged time. Move on, and be refreshed and maximize your time spent on studying.

5. Write down what you know

Write down what you know already and collect your thoughts. Organize what you have learned so far and you will be able to see what parts you are lacking in.

6. Choose your style of study location

Don’t be bound by the libraries of your school but explore to see where you are most comfortable in.

7. Read a lot of books on a daily basis

Read many books, fiction or non-fiction, to keep your brain working at all times.