Korea’s top model Han Hye Jin reveals extreme diet

One of Korea’s top models, Han Hye Jin, shocks fans by unveiling one of the secrets to maintaining her lithe body.

Many dietitians would agree that the daily recommended intake is 1900 calories; however, Han Hye Jin reveals that she only eats 488 calories per day! In the video below, she is seen eating one of her “larger” daily meals, which consists of: 1/3 cup of brown rice, 1 whole squid, 1 piece of boiled Chinese yam, and 1 tomato, totaling to approximately 309 calories.  Han Hye Jin explains that she doesn’t season her foods, and she uses kids sized trays to help portion out her meals.

It has been disclosed that Han Hye Jin will be filming a future Running Man episode alongside SHINee‘s Key, Yoon Hyun Bin, and Lee Kyung Kyu!

Source: Dispatch