Korea’s Winter May Be Cold But Female Idols’ Skirts Are Getting Even Shorter

Forget the cold; these female idols are rocking this fashion trend despite the cold weather.

Female idols have been spotted with what we call “no pants look” with big jackets paired with a short skirt and shorts.

Despite the cold weather, they are showing off their perfect leg lines.

SISTAR’s Bora showed off her toned legs with shorts hiding under her big furry jacket.

Jessica rocked her white oversized shirt with black mustang jacket, finishing off her look with ivory ankle high heels.

Gugudan’s Hana appeared in a silver padded jacket to keep warm while her legs were exposed to the cold weather.

Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon appeared in an all-black outfit, revealing her slim silhouette.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon appeared in an adorable sporty look, with shorts so short they were hiding under her short jacket.

Finally, GFRIEND appeared in outfits ranging from shorts to a long coat, and no one can tell if it’s summer or winter!

Source: Dispatch