Australian Idols Are Taking Over The K-Pop Industry With Their Talent

Plus, the Aussie accent is so endearing.

You may or may not have noticed by now, but in recent years, Australian idols have become much more common in the K-Pop industry!

Australia is a popular country for Asian students to study overseas, and also has a high Asian demographic already at around 17.4% of the total population (as of 2021). Due to its fairly close proximity to South Korea, it isn’t too surprising that more foreign K-Pop idols that grew up in Australia are debuting.

Australia with Australian flag

When you think of Australian K-Pop idols, who is the first one that comes to mind? One of the most well-known Aussie idols is BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!


She was actually born in Auckland, New Zealand, but moved to Melbourne, Australia at a young age and grew up there. And of course, now she’s the extremely talented main vocalist and lead dancer of BLACKPINK!


Two other well-known Australian idols are Bang Chan and Felix of Stray Kids.

Bang Chan and Felix | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

While Bang Chan was actually born in South Korea, he moved to Australia at a young age and grew up in Sydney. Felix, meanwhile, was born and raised in Sydney! And now, the two of them make up the adorable Aussie Line of Stray Kids.

Bang Chan and Felix | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

ENHYPEN‘s Jake is also Australian! Like Bang Chan, he was also born in South Korea, but moved to Brisbane, Australia when he was young. And of course, after ranking third on I-LAND, he became a member of the K-Pop group he’s in now.


A more recent Aussie to join the K-Pop scene is NMIXX‘s Lily!


She was born and raised in Victoria, Australia, most likely in the Melbourne area. Her mother is Korean and father is Australian, which made her fluent in both Korean and English! And now she’s a rookie idol in NMIXX that has already captured the hearts of many fans with her incredible vocals.


And even more recently, two members of brand-new group NEWJEANS are also Australian! Hanni is Vietnamese-Australian, while Danielle is Korean-Australian. Since they only just debuted, not much is known about them yet, but their debut was already very promising!


An assortment of other K-Pop idols, past and present, that are Australian include Kevin (ZE:A), Jang HanbyulPrince Mak (former JJCC), DPR IANBÉBE YANASteven (LUMINOUS), Hyeongshin (former HOT ISSUE), and Nina (IRRIS).


So it’s easy to see that Australia has a lot of talented people that have made a name for themselves in the K-Pop industry!