All BigHit Entertainment K-Pop Group Leaders Have One Oddly Specific Trait

Have you picked up on it too?

It was just announced that Jungwon will be the leader of BigHit Entertainment‘s new boy group, ENHYPEN, making fans even more excited for their upcoming debut!

However, with this announcement, some fans have noticed something extremely coincidental about all of the leaders of BigHit Entertainment’s K-Pop groups.

User Time_to_reflect on Reddit made a post about this observation, jokingly accusing the company of only allowing idols with this specific trait to become leaders of their groups: “Enhypen just announced who is the leader, and what do you think? He is the only one who has dimples.”

They go on to mention that, indeed, every leader of a K-Pop group under the label does have dimples!

RM, leader of BTS, and Soobin, leader of TXT, have very prominent ones.

How can you not love such a cute trait on these handsome men?

And that’s not all! If you also count the leaders of the major groups that BigHit Entertainment now manages with their subsidiaries Pledis Entertainment and Source Music, this still applies!

S.Coups of SEVENTEEN, JR of NU’EST, and Sowon of GFRIEND all also have this adorable feature (though JR’s are, uniquely, below his mouth!)

So what do you think? Conspiracy, or just wild coincidence? Whatever the case, all of these leaders definitely have cute charms with their dimples!

Source: Reddit