The K-Pop Idols Who Were Selected For “The Best Runway Moments Of 2022” By “Teen Vogue”

These influential idols are taking the fashion world by storm.

As K-Pop artists’ global influence grows with the increasing popularity of K-Pop and idols’ international exposure, fashion designers continue to partner with K-Pop’s top stars.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa in CELINE, Jisoo in Dior, Jennie in Chanel, and Rosé in Saint Laurent at the “2022 VMAs” | @MTVNEWS/Twitter

K-Pop artists have been taking the fashion world by storm, attending some of fashion’s most prestigious events and numerous fashion shows as VIP attendees.

Gigi Hadid (left) and NCT 127’s Johnny (right) at the 2022 Met Gala | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

A few fashion-forward idols have even walked fashion show runways, stealing the show by becoming the main event as they effortlessly modeled luxury designer looks.

WINNER’s Mino walking the Louis Vuitton runway during their 2019 Paris fashion show

Recently, Teen Vogue recapped some of the “best runway moments” of 2022, naming eleven iconic fashion show moments.

Among the list of global celebrities were two of K-Pop’s top stars.

Peter Do, a Brooklyn-based fashion designer, dressed NCT 127‘s Johnny for his Met Gala debut in May 2022.

Embed from Getty Images

In September 2022, Peter Do invited NCT DREAM‘s Jeno to the Vogue World show during New York Fashion Week before having the NCT DREAM member open his fashion show.

Jeno’s runway debut earned him a spot on Teen Vogue’s “Best Runway Moments of 2022” list.

NCT DREAM’s Jeno opening Peter Do’s showing during New York Fashion Week | Hypebae

Prior to this catwalk debut, Jeno also attended Vogue World, quite literally breaking the internet. Such was his impact, that he was responsible for the top social media placement for NYFW, according to Launchmetrics.

— Teen Vogue

The second K-Pop idol named was BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, who has had a legendary partnership with French luxury designer CELINE since she was named their first global ambassador in 2020.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa in CELINE for her Paris Fashion Week appearance in 2022 | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She famously made her runway debut with the designer in 2021, and again Lisa blew fans and locals away when she transformed from a top K-Pop idol into a high-fashion runway model walking in the CELINE Winter 2022 show.


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♬ original sound – Runway walksss🤩

As anyone would expect, the “Money” singer caused an online frenzy with this appearance, with fans praising her “model walk” and anticipating her future fashion endeavors.

— Teen Vogue

It’s easy to see why Lisa and Jeno were included in the best runway moments of 2022!

Source: Teen Vogue
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