Professional K-Pop Bodyguards Reveal Why They Sometimes Have To Be Strict About Idols Interacting With Fans

They do understand the needs of fans!

When it comes to the role of a bodyguard, their main priority is to protect the idols and ensure that no harm can come to them. Yet, after years in the business, many also know just how much the fans mean to the artists. Sometimes, it is tricky to make sure that idols are safe, but the fans can meet their favorite idols.

BTS’s Jungkook interacting with a fan at a fansign event (the group is not mentioned in the video)

In a recent video with AYO, K-Pop bodyguards Jeong Seung Min and Yang Tae Il sat down and discussed what it was like being a bodyguard, the unique relationship between IU and her bodyguard, and some of the harder parts of the job.

One of the questions looked at an interaction between a BLACKPINK member and a fan. In particular, how they were allowed to be so close to the idol. Although it was revealed that the fan was actually actor Will Smith, it raised the question of bodyguards allowing these interactions.

Jeong Seung Min revealed that, as a bodyguard, it is their job to ensure that fans don’t reach out to touch idols in different environments, whether at concerts or in the street.

Unlike many people may think, Yang Tael Il revealed that it is never their intention to use physical force to enforce this.

We would stop someone if they do this (touching). But, since they’re fans, we can’t push them or throw them down to stop them.

— Yang Tael Il

Although many fans sometimes see bodyguards as scary, both of the men showcased that they are aware of the desires of both idols and fans when it comes to interacting with each other.

Some artists must have missed their fans. They’re reaching their hands out because they like their fans, and it’s weird to stop them in that case…

— Jeong Seung Min

Of course, it is down to the bodyguards to judge whether a situation needs interference and, at the end of the day, they are there to ensure that the idols are safe.

Whether to stop it or not, depending on the situation, we need to judge it well.

— Jeong Seung Min

It seems as if, aside from managers, bodyguards have some of the toughest jobs in the world. Although their main aim is to protect artists, they are still aware of the love fans have for their idols and want to balance their actions to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO