July 2022 Is Already Set To Be One Of The Biggest K-Pop Comeback Months Of The Year

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The 2022 K-Pop summer season is upon us, and that means the next couple of months are likely going to be full of great bops!

ATEEZ | KQ Entertainment

The line-up for July is already impressive, and since we’re not even halfway through June yet, more announcements for comebacks will likely be made over the next couple of weeks.

The first confirmed comeback is for the fifth of the month, when Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN) is set to release a new album at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

This will be their first comeback since they won Queendom 2, so it’s likely to be their biggest comeback yet!

The next day, on July 6 at 6PM KST/5AM EST, rookie girl group H1-KEY is planning to have their first comeback with the single album RUN.

And then, on July 8, aespa will be making their highly-anticipated comeback with the mini-album Girls!

The already released a lyric video for the song “Illusion” back on May 31 to really get the hype going.

This will be their first comeback since they released “Dreams Come True” back in December 2021.

K-Pop girl group stans are definitely going to have a great month, because ITZY is also going to have a comeback on July 15 at 1PM KST/12AM EST! The album is called Checkmate, and they recently revealed a concept film for it.

On July 20, pre-debut boy group FAVE1, which is made up of the four former members of 100%, is set to make their Japanese debut with the album Zombie!

And finally, the last confirmed date for a comeback in July is on the 27th, when TWICE will release their fourth Japanese album Celebrate with a title track of the same name.

Along with these confirmed dates, there are several artists who are supposed to be having a comeback last month, but just haven’t given a specific day yet. One of them is ATEEZ, whose most recent comeback was with the Japanese mini-album BEYOND : ZERO on May 25.

ATEEZ comeback poster

WINNER has also announced a comeback in July! This will be their first comeback since 2020, when they released the album Remember in April. They went on temporary hiatus due to some of the members completing their military enlistments.

WINNER | YG Entertainment

Six members of SF9 — those not currently in the military — are also planning on having a comeback in July as well.

SF9 | FNC Entertainment

Finally, solo queens Chungha and Hyolyn have also announced comebacks for next month! Hyolyn also competed on Queendom 2, so this should be a highly successful comeback for her too.

Hyolyn | @officialhyolyn_/Twitter

With all of these and more releases in July, there’s no doubt it’s going to be an amazing month.