K-Pop Dentists Can’t Stop Praising TWICE Nayeon’s Smile, And Here’s The Adorable Reason Why

Her smile is like a ray of sunshine!

When it comes to some of the most stunning idols in K-Pop, there is no denying that one person who is always mentioned is TWICE‘s Nayeon. With her cute looks and charming personality, it is easy to see why fans worldwide fall in love with her, especially her radiating smile.

TWICE’s Nayeon

However, it seems as if it isn’t just K-Pop fans who feel this way! In a recent video for AYO, two dentists who have worked with some of the biggest idols in the business sat down and discussed everything from dental incidents, treatments, and the best smiles in K-Pop.

In particular, during the video, one of the questions looked at Nayeon and her snaggletooth. Although the terminology might be confusing, it actually means a tooth that might look a bit irregular or broken. It is also a lot more common in idols than fans might expect.

Dentist Park Hosan revealed that Nayeon might not have perfectly even teeth, but it just adds to her charm and has even influenced people who go to get their teeth done!

She doesn’t have perfectly even teeth but, because of people like her, some patients went, ‘I want to get snaggletooth laminate treatment.’

— Park Hosan

He added that although some people prefer perfect-looking teeth for their smile, there is a charm that comes from snaggleteeth, and Nayeon is the perfect example as her smile radiates and brightens up every room. He thinks that it is cute, natural, rare, and it makes it attractive.

Fellow dentist Esther added that idols like Nayeon give a really good message that they are beautiful despite conventions with what is deemed perfect. She also couldn’t stop praising how adorable it looks, thanking Nayeon for being an inspiration.

I personally hope that this kind of beauty continues to exist as well. I think idols give a message that they look beautiful when it suits you and you’re confident with them.

— Esther

With such a beautiful smile, there is no denying that Nayeon and the other members of TWICE are an inspiration to many K-Pop fans. Her smile has the ability to brighten up a room and make the day for ONCEs.

| @twicetagram/ Instagram
| @twicetagram/ Instagram

With idols proving that beauty isn’t exclusive, they send a beautiful self-confidence message to fans, even if they don’t realize it. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO