K-Pop Dermatologists Reveal The Biggest Skin Problem Idols Face

While some idols have flawless skin, many more deal with dermatological problems just like the rest of us.

Each working in the skin treatment industry for a decade or more, dermatology directors We Chan Woo and Jeong Seon Mi from YOU&ME CLINIC have helped numerous idols throughout the years. In a new “Comment Defenders” interview with AYO on YouTube, the skin experts revealed the biggest skin concern among idols today.

While some idols like NCT‘s Jaehyun, Oh My Girl‘s Arin, EXO‘s Baekhyun, and IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung have been praised by magazine editors for their flawless skin, the reality is that most stars suffer from skin issues just like everyday people. But which skin condition is the most common problem for idols?

| NCT’s Jaehyun

Considering that acne is officially the most common skin condition in many countries around the world, perhaps it should come as little surprise that it’s also the most common skin problem affecting South Korean idols. According to Jeong Seon Mi, some idols’ acne is so severe, their skin looks bumpy even with makeup on.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

BTS‘s V, Teen Top‘s Changjo, and Suzy are all idols who have admitted to suffering from acne in the past. We Chan Woo explained that acne in general is the biggest dermatological concern stars deal with, and it has a lot of causes.


We Chan Woo went on to explain that while a lot of idols are actually born with good skin, the tolls of K-Pop stardom soon begin to have an effect. For example, wearing heavy makeup every day is known to clog the pores and lead to acne breakouts.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

On top of that, We Chan Woo pointed out that idols also have irregular sleeping patterns. Scientists say sleep deprivation, which disrupts hormone levels and unsettles the chemical balance of the skin, is proven to be one of the three main acne triggers. The other two core triggers are stress and sweating, both of which idols deal with too.

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According to the director, idols’ skin does get a lot better when they reduce makeup usage and get some rest, but most idols can’t do this because of their busy schedules. As such, Jeon Seon Mi explained that a lot of idols rely on last-minute medicated injections to clear up their acne.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

Sometimes, they come in the middle of shooting. They go ‘I’m in the middle of shooting and it’s too bad’, so they get a shot and leave right away after dealing with it.

— Jeon Seon Mi

Source: AYO 에이요 (YouTube)