K-Pop Directors Reveal How Much It Really Costs To Create A K-Pop Music Video

The price might shock you!

One of the most important and integral parts of K-Pop is the music videos. From movie-like concepts to minimalistic stories, these videos can sometimes make or break an artist by attracting more fans and making a statement.

EXO-K’s “MAMA” is not mentioned in the video but is known for its high budget | SMTOWN/YouTube

K-Pop music video directors Kim Ji Hwan and Song Nara recently appeared on the AYO YouTube channel. They spoke about how much work and effort go into creating each music video.

One of the questions asked by a K-Pop fan was whether it was true that most music videos for idols cost around ₩100 million KRW (about $88,200 USD).

Kim Ji Hwan explained that whether a music video costs this much depends on the artist and the company. Song Nara added to that, saying that it is a lot more common for some of the larger agencies.

Music video directors who usually film idols from big agencies spend over ₩100 million KRW. These days, idol groups have a lot of members. We have to build a set for each member, and some members have their scenes separated.

— Song Nara

It isn’t just the number of members that make a difference. It is also the equipment used to make sure that the videos look aesthetically pleasing. It has to be combined with all the other resources needed to make sure the filming runs smoothly.

You need really good cameras for idol’s music videos, a costume truck, a food truck, and a portapotty if the scene is set in the middle of nowhere. Like this, money drains out.

— Kim Ji Hwan

All of these elements, and the fact that music videos need to look at all the details, means that money is spent very quickly, which can be why many cost a lot more than expected.

During the video, the directors also emphasized that money is not everything, and it is possible to create spectacular music videos on a budget. For more insider secrets on how music videos are filmed, watch the video below.


Source: AYO and FI