K-Pop English Teacher Defends IU From People Who Call Her English Pronunciation “Interesting”

He explained why it doesn’t have to be accurate.

Using IU as an example, an English teacher for K-Pop idols explained why it isn’t necessary that singers have accurate pronunciation in their songs.

| @SBS KPOP/YouTube

Heo Woo Seong—the CEO of JIGOOUH—and Dasom, an English teacher in the company, guested on this week’s episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders.” JIGOOUH specializes in foreign language services for idols, so they know better than most people about speaking a non-native language.

Heo Woo Seong (left) and Dasom (right) | @AYO/YouTube

In the video, a netizen brought up IU’s “interesting” English pronunciation in her songs.

IU’s English pronunciation is interesting. Including ‘Lilac,’ her English pronunciation is unique.

— Netizen

Some people believe that K-Pop songs must have accurate English, but Heo Woo Seong argued that what’s more important is how the lyrics blend in with the music.

You have to deliver English lyrics accurately in a song considering the educational aspect of it.’ That’s not true. They put their own beat and English blend into the color of the music, like how to twist the tongue.

— Heo Woo Seong

He added that the lyrics change depending on the music. “So the English lyrics change because of the musical element.

At the end of the day, IU’s choice of English lyrics definitely add to her songs’ magic!

Learn more about idols speaking in English in the full video below.

Source: AYO