Which K-Pop Entertainment Agency Spends The Most Money On Stage Outfits?

Surprisingly, groups and soloists cost about the same.

When it comes to K-Pop companies, they usually want what’s best for their idols and are willing to pay top money to ensure that their artists can shine.

Companies will spend as much as possible from music videos, songwriters, and stylists to make sure everything is perfect. In particular, outfits are as important as anything and can sometimes make or break idols.

BTS in the iconic “IDOL” video | HYBE LABELS/ YouTube

Two K-Pop stylists appeared on the AYO YouTube channel and discussed some of the groups they’ve worked with, including BTS, TXT, and BLACKPINK, revealing some of the secrets behind their favorite works.

Over the years, both stylists have worked with several artists from different companies, and one viewer asked them which company spends the most on outfits for their idols.

Without even hesitating, Kim Tae Young (known as Balko) explained that it was without a doubt YG Entertainment, home to idols such as BLACKPINK, iKON, and TREASURE.

She explained that, although it might seem like other companies spend a lot, YG definitely spends the most compared to the others regarding the overall price.

It seems as if SM Entertainment puts a lot of effort into it but, just from the expense, YG does a lot of customizing, like cutting and gluing. I think YG spends the most money.

— Kim Balko

Fellow stylist Lim Heon Soo explains that he also believes it depends on the artist, but he seems to think differently from Balko.

I’ve worked with Starship, FNC, SM, and HYBE. It seems as if groups and solo artists take around a similar amount of expense.

— Lim Heon Soo

Yet, Balko explained that the cost comes in details within each outfit, which was why YG has some of the most expensive outfits.

If it has more details, some outfits would cost more. It’s not that it gets expensive just because there are more people. In music videos, YG has the largest collection, so I think they’re the ones who spend the most.

With the groups YG has and the amazing quality of the outfits in both music videos and performances, it is easy to see why they cost so much. Each item is made with such detail, including BLACKPINK’s iconic hanboks, and is the epitome of elegance and style!

You can watch the whole video below!