K-Pop Fan Asks Which Idol Takes Fan Service Too Far, Receives Unanimous Answer From The Internet

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A K-Pop fan took to Internet question board Quora and asked: “Which K-Pop idol takes fan service too far?”

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With hundreds and thousands of groups to choose from users on the website came to a unanimous consensus. The idol(s) they feel takes fan service too far is… Monsta X.

Monsta X

Why Monsta X? According to the respondent, who has over 300 upvotes, and isn’t the only person to single out Monsta X, these are the reasons she selected them for her answer:

I’ve once wrote that you can consider yourself a true Monbebe when you go from seeing Wonho as this ridicolously hot buffed guy as a soft, sweet person you just want to protect. I don’t think, there’s any male idol that’s as overly sexualized as he is, people throw so much hate on him after the scandal, and still act insanely horny when it comes to WH – it’s just really hypocritical.

Also, Monsta X performs in revealing outfits often, their good looks are really emphasized on, and their dances have a lot of “sexy” moves in them, and they tend to be overtly flirty with Monbebes too – don’t get me wrong, I get all of this, sex sells.

But with this being said, MX is extremely talented and has one of the best vocalists in the industry and a definitely top3 worthy rapline, with a very strong danceline aswell, and their self-made songs are really good. MX makes really-really great music, and because of their overly sexual/fanservice image, this does often get overlooked.

— Dori Kay, Quora user

Another user commented in agreement, saying that it’s offputting the group refers to their fans as “girlfriends”.

True. I’m not a monbebe myself but my best friend is and even though I very much like them it sort of puts me off when they flirt with monbebe and calls them their girlfriends and such. They’re not the only kpop group who does this, but they’re one of the groups who do it the most.

— Joergen Kjellberg, Quora user

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Source: Quora