K-Pop Fans Believe TXT’s Yeonjun Got What It Takes To Become The Next “It Boy”

His viral fancam video has everyone convinced.

Mnet’s YouTube channels “Mnet K-POP” and “M2” have both released videos capturing TXT‘s fascinating Welcome Back Show performance of “Run Away”. With views reaching 2.4 million, it is evident; K-Pop fans are enchanted by TXT’s magical new bop!


With that said, M2’s “fancam” of member Yeonjun is gaining more attention by the second for being especially satisfying to watch.


Yeonjun’s unparalleled stage presence, which is more so astonishing to the viewers because he is only a couple-months-old rookie, is well captured in this up-close-and-personal video.

He definitely has that aura. I really like his stage presence!

— Netizen


Netizens have found Yeonjun’s performance to be extra aesthetic, as he makes full use of his gorgeousness making idol-like facial expressions in the spotlight.

He’s so UNIQUE. Like my eyes are always staring at him when he’s dancing.

— Netizen


Many have pointed out that his irresistible vibe has inevitably reminded them of another huge “it boy” in K-Pop: His agency-mate and sunbae (senior) V of BTS.

Why does he remind me of Taehyung 😍

— Netizen


With such a captivating charm, Yeonjun is now being called the next big thing in the world of K-Pop!

Look at him now, then imagine him in a few years. I’m not ready 😂😍

— Netizen


So it seems Yeonjun does have everything a successful K-Pop idol can possibly have: Outstanding talent, visual, passion, personality, and colorful hair. It would be impossible to argue that he is indeed a super star in the making.


Watch the full clip below: