K-Pop Fans Discover The Secret To Idols’ Long Bangs

How do they keep them out of their eyes?

Have you ever seen a K-Pop idol with long, thick bangs that reach their eyebrows, think that they look amazing with the style, and then try it for yourself only to go crazy with having your hair in your eyes?

Yoon (STAYC)

Recently, some K-Pop fans have discovered just how idols may be able to get away with the look without constantly adjusting their hair from their face.


On an online forum post, a picture was shared of STAYC‘s Sumin with long fringe that seemingly reached her eyes.

Sumin (STAYC)

At the angle above, her bangs seem to all be the same length across. However, when you see them at a different angle, the truth becomes much more evident!

It turns out that her bangs have been subtly cut to arch over each of her eyes, rather than be cut just straight across. It’s something that you likely wouldn’t have noticed without it being pointed out, so it seems like a genius idea for anyone who wants long bangs but doesn’t want to have hair constantly in their eyes.

Sumin isn’t the only one who tried out this style — LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae has done it as well!


While some netizens have expressed how impressed they are by the subtle cut in the comments section of the post, though, others still think having such long bangs would be maddening!

Would you ever try out this look for yourself?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa