K-Pop Fans Have Been Editing Idol Rap Lines Into “Happy Feet” Clips And It’s The Quality Content We All Need

It all started with an edit of SuperM Mark’s rap from “Jopping.”

Sometimes K-Pop has a way of crossing over into some very unexpected territory and thanks to one viral clip, “Happy Feet” has officially entered the world of K-Pop and everyone is loving it!


On October 12, @Silent4iry uploaded a clip featuring Mark‘s epic rap line from SuperM’s “Jopping” superimposed over a clip from the animated penguin movie “Happy Feet”. The result? An adorable clip of penguin delivering Mark’s legendary rap! The tweet was so good that within a few days it had been retweeted almost 45,000 times and since then the numbers have only gone up.


The edit didn’t just go insanely viral within the fandom, however.  It soon caught the attention of K-Pop fans all over and pretty soon more fans were creating their own edits featuring their favorite rap lines.


Some fans went for the more traditional rapid-fire rap lines…


While some decided to add a bit of humor by superimposing unique raps from non-rap line members of their favorite groups.


Other fans took a different approach and, instead of using epic rap lines, they edited in their favorite dance break moments!


Even though each of the edits featured a different song, different artists, and sometimes even a different clip from “Happy Feet”, they all fit perfectly!


With so many cool, cute, and funny edits, it looks like “Happy Feet” has officially entered the world of K-Pop and is here to stay!