K-Pop Fans Give New Meaning To Emojis Across Twitter

I purple you!

We use emojis all the time to convey something whenever we text or tweet. A recent analysis of emojis on their popularity and meaning was done by Emojipedia. With the variety of colors available in the heart emoji, some may wonder if they each have a special meaning. Everyone knows red roses symbolize romance while yellow is for friendship. Does this apply to different colored heart emojis as well?

BTS’s Jin at Inkigayo |SBS 

When it comes to using emojis, the sender and its context should be taken into account. As an example, what it is in response to or what other emojis are used alongside it. According to Emojipedia’s analysis, 🥺Pleading Face is often used with a heart emoji, probably indicating that Twitter is filled with hopeless romantics or simps.

| Emojipedia

Heart emojis are actually some of the most popular emojis used online, especially in February (obviously). As seen below, the most popular heart emoji used across Twitter is the ❤️ Red Heart, followed by 💕 Two Hearts and 💜 Purple Heart.

| Emojipedia

The purple heart’s popularity is primarily due to its special significance to BTS’ ARMY. Most of the time, when one sees a Purple Heart on Twitter, it is from a stan account and/or in reference to BTS. Associated words used with the purple emoji include “BTS,” “Bangtan,” “Army,” “btsarmy,” and, of course, members’ names, such as “Jungkook, “Taehyung,” “Jimin,” “Yoongi,” “Jin,” “Hobi,” and “Namjoon.”

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Similarily, the 💚 Green Heart is usually used in reference to NCT or GOT7 which can be seen through the most commonly used words alongside the emoji. Beyond the bands’ names, “Mark,” “Jisung,” “Jaemin“, “Renjun“, and “Zhong” are commonly used alongside supportive words.

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K-Pop fans have helped to give a whole new meaning to these colorful emojis. Therefore, heart emoji usage is an excellent addition when sending love and support to our favorite artists!

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