K-Pop Fans Love The Superstar (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Has Become, Trumping Past Doubts And Criticism

“She got so much f*cking better.”

In a recent episode of Queendom, (G)I-DLE put on a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping kind of a show, performing “LION”. The group has been wowing viewers with their genius stage production and talent each round, but this latest performance truly worked its magic.


Most of all, K-Pop fans are now madly in love with member Shuhua, for boasting an unprecedented charisma of a queen lioness!


At the time of debut and for a while since then, Shuhua received a slight bit of criticism from K-Pop fans for “lacking talent in general”. They pointed out Shuhua has an underwhelming stage presence and is “the least interesting member in the group”.

She used to perform without any soul, in a single facial expression…

— Netizen


With her breathtaking vocals and dance breaks in “LION”, however, Shuhua has turned even the haters into her stans. She’s being praised for growing with each episode of the show…

… but now she has so much spirit!

— Netizen


… and for taking this final episode as her chance to really show the world that she has always been — and will always be — a true idol!

Compared to how she was when she first debuted? Yeah, she got so much f*cking better. She’s beautiful!

— Netizen


Watch Shuhua and (G)I-DLE rip up the stage here:

Source: THEQOO