Fans Name The K-Pop Choreographies So Questionable They Wonder If The Artists Got Scammed

What were their choreographers thinking?? 😂

All K-Pop fans know that the music genre isn’t just about the songs, but the choreographies as well. There have been countless iconic dances and dance moves that have come out of the K-Pop industry, for both good and not-so great reasons.

Recently, a post was made on an online forum that shares such dances that made history… But not exactly for the best reasons. The author named these dances as those that make one wonder if the artist fought with their choreographer or got scammed, and the gifs they included are pretty on-point!

Some artists, such as Cross Gene, had multiple dances included in the post.

They’re perhaps most well-known for their crotch-rubbing move that was actually deemed “too sexy” and banned from broadcast by KBS.

But their sitting-and-circling move is another one that caught people’s attention for it’s uniqueness, though it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

Here’s the full performance of “La-di Da-di”, which the last gif came from!

A couple of gifs from KNK dance performances were on the post too. Fans questioned if their choreographer was looking to break their ankles with this move!

A gif from their debut song, “Knock”, was also included on the post, though there are a number of fans who think this dance was more iconic than questionable.

The leg-intensive dance for NATURE‘s “Rica Rica” is undoubtedly a great workout, but there’s just something about it that seems off…

Not to mention, the entire comeback was rife with accusations of cultural appropriation, making what could have been a fun, campy dance more offensive than anything else to some netizens.

The next gif included on the forum post is one that actually shot OnlyOneOf into greater popularity due to the scandalous nature of the choreography! We’re talking, of course, about “libidO”, which was questioned by some but loved by many.

The entire dance is just sexy and fun to watch!

The next gif is taken all the way back from a 2009 performance by Jewelry for their song “Vari2ty”. The members themselves use their hands to portray the “sway gently” lyrics in the song, but the male backup dancers on the other hand…

We can practically feel the embarrassment that these dancers must have been experiencing at the time!

This next dance move from one of Ruru‘s choreographies was definitely supposed to be sexy, but the butt-wiping movement comes across as more awkward and weird than anything sensual.

In the comments of the post, netizens shared some dance moves from K-Pop choreographies they found awkward as well, such as this section from NCT 127‘s iconic “Cherry Bomb” dance!

Finally, this helicopter move that Onew had to perform multiple times in SHINee‘s “Everybody” choreography had fans worried after it left him needing to wear a neck brace for some time afterwards.

Netizens are highly amused by this list of questionable dances, based on the comments on the forum post!

Can you think of any other choreographies that could be on this list?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa
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