K-Pop Fans Are OK With This 2010 Trend Not Returning

‘Twas a dark, dark time for all…

Back in early 2010, through around late 2014, the most popular K-Pop boy group look consisted of the “bad boy” vibe, including heavy eyeliner over and under, smoky eyeshadow, and extreme hair styling. Even the most loyal fans can’t help but cringe a bit at how their biases once went through this chaotic phase in the constantly changing world of K-Pop fashion.


1. BTS

BTS‘s debut look consisted of a very rebellious delinquent vibe.

The eyeliner game was strong…

… with most members rocking the super smoky eye makeup.

While ARMYs love this early era nonetheless, they do appreciate the upgrade of the boys’ styles to what is now much more modern chic!


2. EXO

EXO‘s early works were built around the concept of “beastly bad boys breaking the norm”, hence the makeup and styling were super dark.

The idea of each member having a supernatural power also added to the overall mysterious vibe that they had to pull off…

… which was mainly achieved by adding a lot of eyeliner!

Since then, EXO has gone through several looks, all of which they pulled off like kings…

… but let’s admit it, fans are glad the members have graduated the naughty boy phase and are maturing into these godly sexy creatures.



BTOB has a good share of pictures from this K-Pop phase, from their debut to early 2014 promotions.

In fact, member Yook Sungjae went massively viral for his really bad boy vibes…

… as did the other members, actually kind of rocking this deep, dark energy.

BTOB fans actually remember and appreciate this phase though, because once the group grew out of it…

BTOB then became the “beagle-dol” they are now widely known to be.


K-Pop trends come and go, but fans are reluctantly admitting that their biases don’t ever really have to go back to wearing so much eyeliner.

Source: Nate Pann