Only K-Pop Fans Can Understand This Viral Tweet

It’s a revolutionary idea 🤣

Every K-Pop fan is familiar with the inexplicable appeal of photocards.

Photocards are simply small cards with exclusive pictures of idols that haven’t been released on other platforms. Fans can collect photocards by buying albums, which becomes almost like a game since the photocards are randomly distributed.

But because of the random distribution, fans tend to collect photocards, much like some people collect Pokémon cards or baseball cards. And with any collection of cards comes the needed resource of trading with other fans.

But since photocards are so meaningful to fans and yet not made of the most resilient material… fans tend to get a bit creative with packaging.

And recently, one tweet, in particular, went viral for the extent to which one person packaged a photocard of SEVENTEEN‘s Dino to ensure its safety.

Captioned “This wins the most ridiculous photo card packaging award,” there is no denying that the person went to extreme lengths, even among K-Pop fans.

Leaving other fans in shocked admiration and amusement.

Some even joked that this is now the only way they’ll accept photocard shipments because of how secure the photocard is.

But one Twitter user suggested that the extreme extent to which the photocard is being held in place is actually an environmentally conscious decision.

With the environment being a current hot topic among K-Pop fans, many are using their platforms to speak on how K-Pop fans can try to make a difference in saving the planet.

For photocards especially, there has been heavy backlash against using excess plastic to protect and store photocards.

Some accounts are suggesting plastic-free alternatives.

Which, certainly this viral photocard packaging is one other alternative to avoid plastic while keeping the photocard secure.

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