K-Pop Fans Are Shook At This One Amenity From Lim Young Woong’s Concert

We need this in K-Pop too!

Recently, trot singer Lim Young Woong’s innovative arrangements for his concert have gained much attention online.

Lim Young Woong’s concert | Instiz

From innovative stage setups to providing better views and designated waiting areas for non-audience members, this type of amenity was the first of its kind in the history of music concerts in Korea.

Outside the concert venue. | Insight

But out of all the amenities provided, one amenity gained much attention among K-Pop fans. It was none other than the ticket reissue service! K-Pop fans know just how strict idol concerts are when it comes to tickets, especially if you lose your ticket!

Guys, I am shook..they just made an announcement to try on the merchandise before buying at the Lim Young Woong concert.

The booth shocked all the young people who came to drop off their parents at the Lim Young Woong concert.

Unlike other concerts, where losing a ticket may result in difficulty in reentry, tickets were reissued out of concern for this situation. Additionally, K-Pop fans were also shocked that fans were able to try on merchandise before purchasing.

K-Pop fans could not believe that this was actually a thing and wished that it would be implemented for idol concerts.

Ticket reissue service is seriously legendary.

All K-Pop fans are at a loss for words.

SM please learn from this.

I cannot believe that this actually exists.

He seriously needs to be scouted as the K-Pop president.

Netizens were also amazed at this amenity and wished they implemented this system for other concerts too.

Netizen comments | Nate Pann
Netizen comments | Nate Pann
Netizen comments | Nate Pann
  • “Wow ticket reissue service is crazy. That is actually a thing!”
  • “I totally became a fan after going to his concert this time.”
  • “I’m so jealous of the ticket reissue service.”
  • “Wow amazing…there is a reason for his popularity. I think he will continue to do great with that kind of mindset.”
  • “The ticket reiussue service is a miracle. My parents couldn’t find their tickets for a different trot concert (although they did find it eventually) and it was a disaster. Even the younger generation loses tickets, just think how difficult it could be for the elders.”
  • “Wow I wish people could see and learn from him.”
  • “Wow usually the bathrooms are always full that I had to memorize locations of bathrooms with less people. And the ticket reissue service is so crazy how is that even possible. His fans are so lucky.”
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