These 2 Female Idols Have Debuted 12 Times…Because They’re Just That Awesome

They’ve made 12 debuts in 11 years.

K-Pop idols usually only debut once, maybe twice, but Taeyeon and HyunA have 12 debuts between them!


Taeyeon and HyunA both made their first group debuts in 2007. Taeyeon debuted with Girls’ Generation…


…while HyunA debuted with Wonder Girls.

HyunA’s parents removed her from Wonder Girls in July of that same year, due to concerns about her health but, fortunately, that wasn’t the end of her entertainment career.


In 2008, HyunA joined Cube Entertainment and debuted as a 4MINUTE member in 2009.


That same year, HyunA made her third debut with 4Tomorrow, a promotional group for Samsung‘s Anycall phone. The group’s first digital single “Tomorrow” was released on October 6, 2009.


In 2010, HyunA made her fourth debut, as a solo artist, with the appropriately titled single, “Change”.


In 2011, HyunA made her fifth debut with the duo Trouble Maker, along with BEAST‘s Hyunseung. Trouble Maker’s first mini album, Trouble Maker, has both collaborative songs and solo tracks by these artists.


In 2012, HyunA made her sixth debut with Dazzling Red, a project group that consists of 5 female idols from established girl groups.


That same year, Taeyeon made her second debut with Girls’ Generation’s first sub-unit, Girls’ Generation-TTS.


Two years later, in Februry 2014, Taeyeon joined SM the Ballad, a ballad group initially formed by SM Entertainment in 2010. She contributed vocals to the group’s second album, Breath.


In 2015, Taeyeon debuted for the fourth time, as a solo artist. When her EP dropped, it became an instant, and massive, hit.


Between Taeyeon’s fourth and fifth debut, HyunA made an incredible seventh debut as a member of Triple H. This co-ed trio debuted in 2017 and came back with their album Retro Futurism on July 18, 2018


Two months after Triple H’s comeback, Taeyeon made her latest debut with Girls’ Generation’s second sub-unit, Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG. They dropped their first single, “Lil Touch” on September 5, 2018.


12 debuts in 11 years? Wow!

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