Here’s The Truth Of How Female K-Pop Idols Deal With Their Monthly Menstrual Cycles, According To A Former Idol

The agencies also have their own rules!

As a K-Pop idol, it seems as if each one of their lives is based upon a busy schedule of endless recording, promotions, and appearances. From being a trainee to debuting, the work never seems to end, and any weakness or issues with health may only be seen as a hindrance by the company to the group’s success.

Although not mentioned in the video, BLACKPINK have continuous and tough schedules | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

In particular, one issue that female K-Pop idols will deal with is the issue of periods or monthly menstrual cycles. Despite advancements in trying to relieve the discomfort from these cycles, women will regularly have symptoms including pain, nausea, headaches, and fatigue.

American YouTuber and co-founder of SmoshAnthony Padilla, recently released a video with several ex-idols, including former Blady member Tina, now known as Soobin or Christine.

During the video, Tina explained how vigorous and overwhelming rehearsals could be and its toll on idols’ bodies. In particular, she recalled one day where she had practice but was also going through extremely tough period pains.

There was one day where we had to go to practice, but I had such bad period cramps. I remember asking the company, like, ‘Hey, is it okay if I rest a little bit.’ And they would be like, ‘Do you think other K-Pop idols would rest?’

— Tina

Anthony then pointed out that it is a similar mindset to women in any workplace, where sometimes the pains that come with monthly cycles are not taken seriously enough by those in charge.

With the lack of sympathy from the companies, Tina explained that there were times where she was on a heavy cycle and was made to wear white clothes, which made her feel extremely self-conscious.

Due to the lack of consideration from the agencies, Tina explained that she spent most of the performances and rehearsals constantly asking her members to make sure that she hadn’t leaked during the intense schedules.

It isn’t the first time that Tina has spoken about this issue. In her own videos, she has brought up the topic. Although her members would sometimes find ways to rehearse without her, she said it was difficult when they had male teachers or managers.

In particular, one comment that caught the attention of many fans was speaking about how many female idols may not get their period for months or be late developers due to extreme dieting or having immense stress.

| soobeanie_/ YouTube 

If being an idol wasn’t tough enough, having to deal with the pressures of exhaustion along with monthly cycles is never easy. It showcases just how much strength and determination the female idols need to continue working, even when they’re not feeling their best.

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