The K-Pop Girl Groups With The Most Legendary Debuts, According To Netizens

Netizens name two girl groups whose debuts made a lasting impact.

K-Pop has gained popularity worldwide. One of the main reasons for this is the unique blend of musical styles and cultural influences that K-Pop groups bring to the table.


K-Pop often blend elements of traditional Korean music with contemporary pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. This creates a distinct sound that sets them apart from other pop music from around the world.

Additionally, many K-Pop groups incorporate visually stunning music videos and choreographed dance routines into their performances, which adds to their appeal and helps them stand out.

Oh My Girl’s “Closer” MV
Stray Kids’ “CASE 143” MV 

Another factor that has helped K-Pop gain popularity globally is the use of unique social media platforms specially created for communication between idols and fans, like Weverse and Bubble. These platforms have allowed K-Pop groups to reach a wider audience and helped build and maintain a dedicated fanbase.

NewJeans’ personal app “Phoning”

When it comes to K-Pop girl groups, their music often touches on themes such as self-empowerment and female empowerment, which resonates with many fans around the world.

They often have a strong, independent image and message, breaking down the traditional stereotypes associated with girl groups.

NewJeans’ “ANTIFRAGILE” showcase

Recently, netizens reflected on legendary girl group debuts that made a lasting impact, and almost unanimously, two groups came to mind.

In 2009, YG Entertainment debuted their girl group 2NE1. The group’s style was experimental, futuristic, and trend-setting, instantly catching netizens’ attention.

The members, CLPark BomDara, and Minzy, each had their own unique sound, style, personality, and background, which added to the charm and likability of the group.

Their debut song, “Fire,” set the tone for their confident, girl-crush concept, and the group remained a forceful presence in K-Pop.

2NE1 “Fire” MV

The second girl group mentioned was Miss A. Before their official debut, members Fei, Jia, and Suzy promoted on variety programs in China, garnering interest and anticipation for their debut.

The group’s talented member Min was added to the final line-up, and Miss A made their official debut in July 2010 with “Bad Girl Good Girl.”

(From left to right) Miss A’s Jia, Min, Suzy, and Fei | JYP Entertainment

Their confident lyrics, impressive dancing, and unique vocal talents led to nearly instant success. The group became the first K-Pop group to have their song debut at number one on the Gaon Digital Charts and won their first music show award less than a month into their debut.

Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” MV

Both second-generation girl groups have left a lasting impact on K-Pop and are beloved by many to this day.

In a viral post on a popular Korean online community board, netizens shared they agreed that both groups’ debuts were legendary while also naming groups that debuted after the 2nd-gen, like BLACKPINK, ITZY, and NewJeans.

  • “They came in singing, ‘You dunno me~’ I agree about the two af. I was happy that I was alive during that era.”
  • “Bad Girl Good Girl was real”
  • “Bad Girl Good Girl frfr”
  • “How can you beat Fire?”
  • “Agreed, I came in screaming the two ㅋㅋㅋFR”
  • “I came in here thinking of the two ㅋㅋI came in thinking of “Fire” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

There have been many impactful, talented K-Pop groups that have left a lasting impact on fans around the world. Whose debut has left a lasting impact on you?

Source: theqoo


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