K-Pop Girl Group Member Teases Chinese Fans With Sexy Webcam Dances

Videos of Goeun’s Chinese streams have re-emerged, and are still wildly popular.

It’s no secret that K-Pop is very popular in China. While many idols try to expand into the Chinese market through fan meetings and concerts, Laysha‘s Goeun chose to build the group’s Chinese fan base through webcam videos.


When Laysha was still considered rookies, Goeun (who is the leader of the group) was very busy expanding the group’s fan base in China with a live stream.


From doing sexy dance performances…


…to just hanging out and chatting with fans…


…Goeun’s hard work seems to have paid off. She was able to amass a relatively large following in China, with many thousands of followers tuning into watch her show.


Check out a few clips from her stream below: