K-Pop Girl Group STELLAR Is Disbanding After 8 Years Together

It’s all but official.

After 8 years, the K-Pop girl group STELLAR will be disbanding. To some fans this is big news, while others knew it was only a matter of time.

STELLAR debuted back in 2011 with their song “Rocket Girl”.


Unfortunately, the group also started off on rocky ground. A year after their debut two of the members, Yiseul and Joa, left the group. They were later replaced with Minhee and Hyoeun. The group also decided to change their concept from cute to sexy around this time, but it didn’t go over as well as they’d hoped.


STELLAR was expected to disband in 2013 but, against all odds, they stayed together. The group even got a new member in April 2017, Soyoung. But it looks like their run is coming to an end now. Gayoung and Jeonyeul both left the group in August 2017 when their contracts expired and Minhee and Hyoeun’s contracts expired earlier this month.


On February 26, STELLAR’s company Entertainment Pascal officially acknowledged that there would not be a contract renewal. Because all of the girls except Soyoung have left the label, the group is expected to disband. Regardless, these girls have defied critics’ expectations, have stayed together for 8 years, and put out some great music!

Source: sportalkorea and Naver