“How Is That Possible?” — The K-Pop Group Celebrating Their 13th Anniversary Even Though The Members Are In Their Twenties

Their debut was way back in 2010!

Though the seven-year curse is a real fear for many K-Pop fans, plenty of groups have lasted well past that significant mark. EXO are celebrated their 11th anniversary earlier this year…


BTS kicked off their 10th year of being a group in the biggest way…


…and Apink are in their 12th year as a K-Pop group!

Apink | IST Entertainment

There is group that are celebrating their 13th anniversary this year but have confused some with how young they are.

Teen Top debuted on July 9, 2010, with their first single, “Clap,” with an average age of 16.3 between the members.  The then six-membered group were the second boy group to debut under TOP Media, headed by Shinwha‘s Andy Lee.

The group saw success throughout their career, charting not only on Korean music charts but also hitting the top ten of Billboard’s World Music Chart with several tracks.

Teen Top during their first Japan tour.

Following the release of their seventh mini album, member L.Joe, now known as Lee Byung Hun departed from the group, citing restrictions on his solo career. The group continued as five until Chunji began his mandatory enlistment in 2020.

Teen Top’s Chunji during his enlistment

Fans were thrilled to learn they would release a new album this year, though former leader C.A.P‘s controversial behavior during a broadcast would lead to his departure from the group. Their newest album, 4Sho, was released on July 4th.

Teen Top for their new album, 4SHO. | Top Media

July 9, 2023, marked their 13th anniversary, with all the remaining members still in their 20s! Chunji is the oldest current member at 29, while Changjo is 27.

(top to bottom, left to right) Teen Top’s Niel, Ricky, Chunji, and Changjo. | TOP Media

You can check out their most recent comeback below!