A K-Pop Group Gains Attention For Their Advice On How To Avoid “F*ckboys” While Dating In Korea

They got too real.

As the popularity of Hallyu content spread worldwide, more and more Korean lifestyle content gained popularity online. Channels like The Korean Englishman and ReacThing give audiences worldwide a look into different aspects of the country from different perspectives.

| Korean Englishman
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Another popular type of content is street interviews, where a host will approach random people in public to ask them questions. The “What song?” series on TikTok is a form of this.


무슨 노래 듣고 있어요? what song are you listening to Korea at the subway? #무슨노래듣고있어요 #whatsongareyoulisteningto #Korea #koreangirl #koreanboy #hypeboy #newjeans

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 와쏭 – 와쏭

While many are lighthearted and fun, others ask more serious questions about culture, life, and dating. Recently, a K-Pop boy group were asked about dating foreigners during a street interview and gained attention for the enthusiasm of their answers.

In a video shared to the YouTube channel IAmFromKorea, the channel’s owner walked around the streets asking Korean men their opinions on dating foreigners.

| IAmFromKorea

One of the groups he approaches introduces themselves as the fourth generation group, DUSTIN.

DUSTIN made their debut in January 2020 with the single “Burn.” Though they have gone through multiple line-up changes and a disbandment notice, the group is still active and came back in early June with the track “BLACKLIST.”

DUSTIN | @dst_official_/Twitter

The group first gave their thoughts on the initial prompt of dating foreigners…

…even mentioning that some of the members’ parents would prefer they date foreigners, hilariously leading to Siu saying that foreigners should approach them for a date when they tour.

Finally, when asked how to avoid f*ckboys while dating, the group gave some too real advice, flipping the question on the interviewer, who originally said that “all men are wolves.

They end the interview while saying that while women should be careful around men, women are too cautious around them, which is why they don’t have girlfriends!

Viewers of the video couldn’t help but laugh at the clips of the group for their responses.

You can check out the full video below.