A K-Pop Group Promoted For 10 Years Without Ever Knowing How To Officially Say Their Own Name

They still don’t know the official pronunciation.

While K-Pop entertainment companies can be super strict when crafting a group’s image, there are some areas where they fall short. For one group, it was their name.

Despite being active for ten years, a former idol revealed that his group was never officially told how to pronounce their name.

During an episode of the KOREAN COWBOYS podcast, former NU’EST member Aaron (formerly Aron) confused his co-host Joel (former BTL member) with a unique habit of his.

Aaron | @theaaronkwak/Instagram

When mentioning his former group, Aaron offered two ways to pronounce it, “When I was promoting in ‘Nu-est’ or ‘Nu-east,’ or whatever you want to call it.

Because Aaron often pronounces it both ways, Joel asked him why. Aaron admitted that they were never told which one was the official way. He said, “I don’t know because it’s so confusing. We were never told, ‘It’s Nu-east,’ or, ‘It’s Nu-est!’

So from 2012 to 2022, Pledis Entertainment never told the members how to officially pronounce their own group name. Even now, Aaron still doesn’t have the answer.


If you’ve ever wondered if you’re pronouncing NU’EST wrong, you might’ve been right all along.