P1Harmony Stuns Fans With Dance Cover Of LE SSERAFIM’s “Antifragile” And More

Fans love P1Harmony’s dance skills!

P1Harmony treats fans to a dance cover compilation on 1theK’s YouTube series “COUNTDANCE”. In the video, P1Harmony covers Stray Kids‘ “Case 143”, LE SSERAFIM‘s “Antifragile”, TXT‘s “Good Boy Gone Bad”, ATEEZ‘s “Say My Name”, and NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy”. The dance cover compilation comes at a great time for fans, as P1Harmony is releasing their newest comeback on the 30th of November and fans are greatly anticipating the release!

P1Harmony | @P1H_Official/Twitter

Starting off with Stray Kids’ “Case 143, all five members of P1Harmony covered the complicated dance with ease!

Next, P1Harmony’s Intak, Theo, and Keeho cover LE SSERAFIM’s “Antifragile”, which was arguably fans’ most loved section of the dance cover!

Next came Jiung‘s cover of TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad”, which was the only solo portion of the video. Fans loved seeing Jiung in the spotlight!

Following “Good Boy Gone Bad” was Intak, Jiung, Soul, and Jongseob‘s cover of ATEEZ’s “Say My Name.

Finally, the group covered NewJeans’Β “Hype Boy” and fans loved the energy they put into the performance!

If you are eagerly awaiting P1Harmony’s new comeback, this is the perfect video to get you through the wait!

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