Here’s How A K-Pop Group Reacted When A Member Came Out To Them As Gay

“Some members are very…”

Though HOLLAND may currently be the only openly gay K-Pop idol, he’s not the only idol in the entire K-Pop industry who’s a part of the LGBT+ community. A former idol and a former trainee, who both still have connections to famous idols, revealed how a group reacted when one of the members came out as gay to their group.

HOLLAND and actor Han Gi Chan in ‘Ocean Likes Me’ drama. | @HOLLAND_vvv/Twitter

Former trainee and current lyricist Gina Maeng admitted that she knew “some groups” that were aware of their members being part of the LGBT+ community. She even remembered a specific incident where one member in a group “came out to the rest of the members.

Most of the group reacted positively to the news. Gina Maeng shared, “And the others were really supportive of it.” Former Blady and CocoSori member Coco had heard about the same situation but pointed out that not all the members had been so accepting.

Coco revealed how differently some of the members started acting. Coco said, “Some members are very not supportive. They suddenly feel very uncomfortable.

It sadly became a sore spot for the group. Coco added, “So I heard there’s a lot of inside drama because of that.

While coming out to those who are closest to you would be a cause for celebration, it’s unfortunate that a few members couldn’t be supportive of the idol. At least the majority of the members continued to stand by the idol.

Listen to Coco and Gina Maeng discuss how the situation played out here.