K-Pop Hairstylists Reveal The Hair Colors That Are Most Popular And Unpopular Amongst Idols

The picks might surprise you!

When it comes to K-Pop, there is nothing more than fans love than seeing idols change their hairstyles depending on their comebacks. Sometimes, something simple as a change in style or color is enough to alert fans that an idol or artist is probably going to be releasing something soon. Particularly in K-Pop, these colors are bright, bold and help each artist stand out!

BTS had a range of hair colors in the “Butter” video | HYBE

In a recent video, Bit & Boot salon CEO Park Naeju and stylist Hyein answered some questions about K-Pop idols and their ever-changing hair colors. These stylists have done the hair for BTS, NCT, and many more huge names in K-Pop!

Although it seems as if there isn’t a shortage of colors chosen by idols, one of the questions that the pair was asked was if there was a hairstyle or hair color that idols preferred.

Both stylists revealed that the most popular one was definitely either white hair or black hair.

Although it seems quite simple and minimalistic compared to other styles, there is no denying how effective it looks. In particular, BTS’s Jin and J-Hope have showcased just how good they look with these looks.

BTS’s Jin with black hair | BTS/ VLIVE
BTS’s J-Hope with white hair | @BTS_twt/ Twitter

According to Park Naeju, the second most popular color was grey, and Hyein added that she personally thought it might be brown. Again, they are two much simpler colors than people might expect, but there are always some idols who have managed to take the color and make it shine!

Yet, even with the more subdued colors, there had to be one bright color that idols love, and, unsurprisingly, it was the color pink!

Yeah, pink is next. When they want a new look, the first thing they say is pink.

— Hyein

Although it might be bright and bold, both male and female idols such as BTS’s Jimin, ONEUS‘s Hwanwoong, and MAMAMOO‘s Solar have rocked the color in various tones.

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong with pink hair | @official_oneus/ Twitter

When it comes to colors idols dislike, the hairstylists picked khaki, and it is definitely not a color seen that often, and it seems as if there are good reasons why.

Yeah, these days, it’s khaki. A lot of them had khaki three or four years ago, but these days, it’s unpopular. It looks nice at first, but it looks murky when it fades. It’s neither this nor that.

— Park Naeju

With so many different colors, it is definitely surprising to know that some of the most loved colors by idols are not always the brightest, but the ones that allow them to showcase their stunning visuals!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Dare U Naeju