K-Pop Idols Are Bringing This ’90s Hair Trend Back Into Style

Their hair is magical.

This “new” sparkling hair trend may be new to idols, but it’s already familiar to many K-Pop fans who grew up in the 1990s.


“Hair tinsel” goes by many names, including “icicle hair”, “shimmer extensions”, and “hair bling”. It was introduced during the 1990s and revived in the early 2000s. Some fans may remember watching this old Bling String commercial…


…or seeing Beyonce wear high-end Bella Via Hair Glitz to the 2010 Grammy Awards. 


Hair tinsel is an easy way to add a magical splash of fantasy to your locks and, unlike bleach and dyes, it won’t damage hair. It’s also temporary, which makes it perfect for idols who are constantly switching between concepts.


Recently, several female idols have been bringing this 90s trend back into style. During live stages, Sunmi incorporated hair tinsel into her mermaid concept for “Siren”.


LOONA‘s JinSoul


Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon


IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi




…and GFRIEND‘s SinB have all been spotted wearing this glittery hair accessory.


So, if you still have your old hair tinsel stuffed away in a drawer, now is the time to bring it out!