The K-Pop Idol Who Actually Spills Real TMIs, According To Fans

“I’m just a fan but he making me into a family friend.”

K-Pop idols are often asked to share fun or interesting details about their lives. While this can sometimes result in the best revelations, more often than not idols to stick to sharing small facts about their day. But there is one idol fans are naming the king of TMIs, and the title may be well-deserved.

While sticking to trivial facts may be a protective measure for an idol’s image, it’s also true that idols are constantly asked to share a lot about themselves. This makes it impossible for them to have juicy tidbits at the ready each time they’re asked for a TMI.

But the ‘king of TMIs’ shares facts about himself that are so totally unexpected, that fans believe can actually be considered ‘too much information’. After a recent interview, fans were totally blindsided when THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon revealed that he still wears the Spiderman underwear he bought six years ago.

| an an Magazine

Speaking with Japanese magazine an an, Juyeon was opening up about how he’s not really the type of person to look for change. He claims that, in fact, he still tends to wear the same clothes most days, even the six-year old Spiderman underwear he bought at Universal Studios Japan when he visited with his brother.

Excerpt from an an magazine | @lovingjuyeon/Twitter

Of course, this isn’t the only fun fact Juyeon has shared about himself. When THE BOYZ were asked to share something fans didn’t know about them, Juyeon once again hit fans with a totally unexpected personal detail: his mom fed him breakfast herself every day until he was 4.

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

And, of course, there was the story that Juyeon once shared about his friend. When asked to share a TMI about himself in 2020, Juyeon informed fans that his friend owns a tomato farm.

| @official_theboyz/Instagram

While the personal facts that Juyeon spills often have fans hilariously confounded…

…it’s hard not to feel charmed by the honest way he voices his thoughts.

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

In fact, even though the personal things he shares make it easier for fans to feel close to him, they are still so random that they don’t make him that much easier to figure out. Which, of course, only adds to his charm!

In any case, after his recent revelation about the Spiderman underwear, fans are crowning Juyeon the true king of TMI in K-Pop…

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…because his TMIs tend to be real (and extremely fun) TMI.

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