Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals How K-Pop Idols Deal With Sweaty Armpits

Here’s how idols deal with sweat.

Crayon Pop‘s Way recently shared with viewers of her YouTube channel how K-Pop idols deal with sweaty armpits.

She told background to her video topic, explaining that many viewers asked how K-Pop idols managed to always have such clean armpits.

A lot of people were curious. Why are idols’ armpits so clean? They must sweat a lot so how do they manage it? So I plan to share in detail about this.

ㅡ Way


In regards to how idols deal with sweat after performing on stage, Way explained that the staff members always carry around a hand towel and consistently wipe the sweat for them.

If there are many members, they often wipe it off themselves too. I don’t sweat much especially on my face but there are some who sweat on the face as if they are drenched in rain. For those people, they have to quickly wipe it off and apply BB cream or concealer on top.

ㅡ Way


When it comes to sweaty bangs, the solution is to dry it off with a hair dryer if time allows and adding products to help keep it dry.

There are products that make it (your hair) dry. Or there’s powder. If you apply the powder, your hair becomes more matte.

ㅡ Way


In response to viewers’ question of whether there is a way to not sweat, Way replied that there is a product that makes you sweat less. She warned, however, that you must only apply a very small amount as it can burn.


She also explained that idols often remove their armpit hair through laser hair removal and suggested that it’s better to get it done when you’re young.

19 or 20? I think it’s best to do it around that age. Because if you keep shaving it, you can get scars, chicken skin, pigmentation, etc.

ㅡ Way


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Source: Youtube