K-Pop Health Trainers Chose The Male Idol Who Has The Best Physique, And Here Is Their Pick

Do you recognize the idol?

With more K-Pop idols sharing their workout routines and many feeling more confident in their bodies, fans are being treated to more content of artists showcasing their physiques. From posting YouTube videos, selfies, and appearances in magazines, many put a lot of work into looking so good!

In a recent video for AYO, trainers Kim Dae Hyun and Lee Seok Jun sat down and discussed everything from training with some of the biggest idols.

During the video, one of the questions asked the trainers to look at various male idol’s covers for Men’s Health and pick which had the best physique. They included NU’EST‘s Baekho, Golden Child‘s Jangjun, PENTAGON‘s Hongseok, and ASTRO‘s Moonbin.

Although they hadn’t met the idols in person, each trainer had a look at their covers from Men’s Health and gave their thoughts on each one before picking their favorite.

One of the idols was Golden Child’s Jangjun. They couldn’t stop praising his abs and even gave fans more technical terms for some of the best parts, such as, “anterior next to ribs are good too.”

PENTAGON’s Hongseok was next, and he is someone who is very open and loves to share how he maintains his good body. As expected, they thought he had a body-builder physique.

One idol who has wowed fans recently with his physique is ASTRO’s Moonbin, and it was the same for the trainers. Although not fully topless in his shot, the trainers praised Moonbin for his shoulders and even nicknamed him “The Shoulder King.”

Yet, when it came to the idol they thought had the best physique out of all of them, Kim Dae Hyun picked NU’EST’s Baekho!

Personally, I feel that he has a lot of male hormones, so I see big potential in him in terms of getting in shape.

— Kim Dae Hyun

There is no denying that all of these idols have great physiques. Yet, many fans in K-Pop have praised Baekho for his dedication. KARD‘s BM even inducted him as one of the members in his “Big Tittie Committee.” You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO