A K-Pop Idol Drunk-Dialed His Senior…Just To Say He “F*cking” Loves Him

His senior totally exposed him to their fans!

Drunk dialing is yet just another side effect of drinking alcohol.

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So, it’s to be expected, especially in South Korea, as drinking is a huge part of the culture.

Lee Dong Woong (left) and Gong Yoo (right) in “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.” | tvN

Drunk dialing can result in many phone calls that we later regret while sober. A common mistake made is to call one’s crushes or exes.

Drunk dialing refers to an intoxicated person making phone calls that they would not likely make if sober, often a lonely individual calling former or current love interests.

— Wikipedia

Not even K-Pop idols are exempt from this!

At DAY6‘s Everyday6 concert on May 7, 2017, 2PM‘s Wooyoung showed up and even went on stage with the JYP Entertainment band.

From left: Jae, Dowoon, Sungjin, Wooyoung, Young K, and Wonpil. | bilibili

Wooyoung totally exposed labelmate Young K that night. He told the audience about how Young K had called him while drunk.

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Young K: Hyung~

Wooyoung: What’s going on? Did you drink?

Young K: I’m at Itaewon.

Wooyoung: Oh? Go home early.

Wooyoung reenacted their conversation. According to him, Young K confessed he loved him.

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Young K: Hyung, I’m always f*cking waiting for you. Hyung, I like you.

Wooyoung: Alright, I like you too.

Young K also displayed total clingy, jealous vibes! He whined about how his hyung never contacted him.

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Young K: Hyung, but how come you don’t contact me?

Wooyoung: Alright, I’ll contact you.

Young K: Hyung, I said let’s work on music together.

Wooyoung revealed that Young K continually dropped “the F-bomb” while talking to him on the phone. So, he had to double-check that there were no little kids in the audience!

Hyung, f*cking, hyung, f*ck.’ He keeps saying, ‘f*cking.’ There’s no little kids here, right?

— Wooyoung

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Wooyoung ended up apologizing to Young K as Young K continually told him how he never contacts him. Wooyoung tried to hang up after that…

‘Okay, I like you too, and I will contact you later. Hyung is sorry.’ So. now it seems like I did something wrong.

— Wooyoung

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But Young K kept talking. So, Wooyoung tried to reassure him that they would meet up.

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Young K: Hyung, I’m such an idiot. Worry. I’m always waiting for you, hyung.

Wooyoung: Okay, Younghyun. Let’s make sure we work together.

Young K: Okay, hyung. Hyung, where are you?

Wooyoung: I’m at studio.

Young K: Okay. Can I go see you, hyung? I’m always waiting for you, hyung.

Wooyoung: Alright. I’m waiting for you too.

Finally, Wooyoung hung up. Nevertheless, Young K just called him right back, although it was 7 AM!

Then I hang up. It’s 7AM. (It’s a call from) Younghyun-ie. What’s this? I picked up, and it’s the same thing.

— Wooyoung

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Young K continued the conversation. He said the exact same things as before!

‘Hyung, I’m still at Itaewon. Hyung, I’m always f*cking waiting for you. Hyung, I want to work on music with you. Hyung, why you don’t call me? Hyung, I really like you.’

— Wooyoung

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Wooyoung responded and soon hung up. Sure enough, Young K tried to call him once more.

‘I like you too.’ I hung up. He calls again! If I picked this phone call up, I’ll have to go and pick him up, so I ignored the call once. He didn’t call again after. What? He keeps saying ‘f*cking’ to me!

— Wooyoung

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While Young K appeared super embarrassed while Wooyoung told the story, he denied it! He was touched that Wooyoung had come to see DAY6, after all.

He came to our concert! I’m totally not embarrassed!

— Young K

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Watch the video below.

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