The K-Pop Idol Being Called The “Hidden Visual” Of Her Group After Adding Volume To Her Hair

Still, she’s gorgeous with both hairstyles!

Many new fans of K-Entertainment may recognize Park Sojin as the actress in Bo-ra! Deborah and Delightfully Deceitful. Before this, however, she was best known as the leader and lead vocalist of Girl’s Day.

Park So Jin | ENA

The four-member girl group under Dream T Entertainment made their debut in 2010 and released hits such as “Expectation,” “Female President,” and “Something.”

Sojin is again a hot topic online as netizens are reminiscing her idol days. Many are calling her a “hidden visual” who was buried because of the hairstyle she had for most of her singing career.

She often had her hair in various straight, flat styles that brought out her cute side.

When the group progressed to sexier concepts, her hairstyle changed as well. She wore her long locks in thick waves for a change.

There was notably more volume in this style compared to the previous one. It managed to emphasize her mature side perfectly.

Even in more casual appearances, she was gorgeous!

Other commenters denied that Sojin was “hidden” as a visual, saying that she was “always shining.” Many agreed, however, that she is “even prettier” with this hairstyle. Even her most legendary GIFs feature her with this hairstyle.

Sojin is currently busy pursuing a career in acting. Fans can keep up with her on her Instagram account where she posts selfies, photos from her travels, and more.

Source: Instiz

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