The K-Pop Idol Who Joined Their Company Because The Business Cards Were Pink

They had a love for all things pink 😂

While many K-Pop idols join an entertainment company because they admire the artists who are signed there, others have more amusing reasons.

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For one female idol, a company’s pink business cards stood out so much among the rest that they couldn’t resist joining. Funnily enough, they ended up becoming a member of the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

On the reality show Style FollowSooyoung couldn’t help sharing the “really funny” story of how Tiffany joined SM Entertainment.

Tiffany was so popular that she had “a lot of business cards” from agencies trying to cast her. Out of them all, she chose SM Entertainment “because it was pink.

And once Tiffany joined the company, she couldn’t help wondering why they chose that color. SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man told her, “‘Just because I like pink.’

That’s when Tiffany knew she had joined the right company. She shared her thoughts from back then, “‘You’re a leader in my eyes.’

Since Tiffany is known as the queen of pink, it makes sense the color is what kicked off her journey at SM Entertainment.

Tiffany | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

See Sooyoung poke fun at Tiffany’s love for everything pink—even business cards.

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