K-Pop Idol Known For His Muscular Body Breaks Down 3 Helpful Tips For Beginners

Here’s how to get that K-Pop body.

K-Pop idols often have physiques that amaze everyone around them, but few are as well known for their bodies as Baekho. With broad shoulders, defined abs, and more, it’s no wonder he’s considered a top-tier “manly man” in the entertainment industry.

The former NU’EST member recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he spoke about his fitness lifestyle. Part of this was his honest tips for beginners when it comes to working out.

1. Restrictive Diets

The main idea he wanted to impart was a warning on eating too little. Though he understands that dieting is effective when it comes to losing weight, it pains him to see the mental health of others worsen as a result of this restrictive culture.

I sometimes see people go on super restrictive diets which is concerning. You will of course lose weight if you eat less. But it’s more important to lose weight in a healthy way, and you shouldn’t get hung up on how much weight you shed.

— Baekho

He explained that one’s goal is more important than the means to reaching this goal. If their objective is health, then being too strict on themselves will be counterproductive.

To me, the objective is always the most important. You need to ask yourselves, ‘Am I doing this to stay healthy? Or am I doing this to look better in my clothes?‘ If it’s either of these reasons, there’s really no need to follow such strict diets.

— Baekho

2. Confidence

Besides food, Baekho also wanted beginners to know that they should not be too self-conscious in the gym. He said straight-forwardly: “If somebody does think how you work out is weird, they are the weird one.”

Also, I think it’s important that you don’t get self-conscious when you work out. You might worry about people staring at you or them thinking that you’re weird because you can only lift however much. If somebody does think how you work out is weird, they are the weird one.

— Baekho

3. Self-Management

Finally, overdoing it when lifting weights will only lead to bad results. Staying healthy and safe should always be one’s priority.

You should do only as much as you can. You’ll end up hurting yourself if you overdo it. It’s really important to focus on yourself.

— Baekho

As someone whose body shows his experience, beginners can find Baekho’s tips trustworthy!

Source: Weverse Magazine