The K-Pop Idol Netizens Think Of Most When It Comes To Big, Broad Shoulders

“Main character vibes.”

When it comes to broad shoulders, there are probably one or a couple of K-Pop idols that come to mind, and depending on who your favorite group is, the idol you think of is probably impacted by your taste.

San (ATEEZ) | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

However, it seems that there is one K-Pop idol that is known more than anyone else in the industry for his broad shoulders, according to a recent post made on an online forum.

Sehun (EXO)

Based on both the post itself and the comments made on it, the overall consensus is that Sehun of EXO has the most well-known broad shoulders in K-Pop.

Sehun (EXO) | Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

Not only are his shoulders broad on their own, but when paired with his narrow waist, Sehun’s proportions are extremely model-like and almost unreal.

Whether viewed from the front or from behind, it’s hard to mistake Sehun’s impressive figure for anyone else!

While some other names did come up in the comments of the post such as Kang DanielSEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo, and ATEEZ‘s San, there were more people agreeing with Sehun being chosen than any other idol.

He’s definitely still an iconic visual in the K-Pop industry, even over a decade into EXO’s career!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa