A K-Pop Idol Once Confessed That It’s “Fun” Touching I.O.I’s Somi’s Body On National TV

Somi called them out, comparing them to a middle-aged man.

I.O.I‘s Somi is wholesome, talented, and beautiful. Although Somi is a soloist now, back when she was promoting as a member of I.O.I, the girls made an appearance on KBS‘s Happy Together.

During the broadcast, a certain idol confessed that because Somi has such a great body, it’s a lot of fun touching her.

Source: @somi_god

Now, before you pick up your pitchfork and ready yourself to rush to Somi’s defense, you can rest easy knowing that the idol in question was her at-the-time groupmate, Sejeong!

Somi & Sejeong

Somi was the one who revealed Sejeong’s body-touching habit, saying, “I realized that she touches other people’s bodies.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

She likened Sejeong to a middle-aged man who can’t resist touching others.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Host Park Myungsoo cautioned Sejeong, telling her that she should be careful or she might get arrested.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Sejeong, for her part, replied, “Somi has such a great body that it’s fun to touch her.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Overall, Somi didn’t seem to mind and said that she’d gotten used to it and just focuses on her tasks.

Watch the whole clip below: