This K-Pop Idol Has Posted Over 2,000 Selfies This Year Alone — Including 500 In One Night

The reason why is actually super sweet.

One of the best parts of K-Pop idols having access to their own social media is the direct access fans are able to have to their idols.

From videos directly from the idol themselves…


One door away from seeing MOA

♬ Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go – TOMORROW X TOGETHER

…to hilarious interactions and memes from idols like GOT7‘s BamBam

…fans absolutely love their faves being online.

While not all idols have personal social media accounts, platforms like Weverse and Lysn make it easier for idols to post updates and respond to fans. More often than not, fans are most excited to get selfies from the idol on these platforms because of the more personal nature they take on.

| Weverse

One K-Pop boy group member has taken this to the extreme, and posted over 2,000 selfies of himself on Weverse in 2022 alone, including 500 he posted in one night. This feat was so astounding that even a K-Pop fan account that documents major events posted about it.

The idol in question is KINGDOM‘s Mujin.

KINGDOM’s Mujin | GF Entertainment

KINGDOM is GF Entertainment‘s only active group, and made their debut in 2021 with the first of their king-themed title tracks. Each member of the group is named after a king from history around the world.

KINGDOM | GF Entertainment

While most idols would end up doing something like this as a dare or penalty, Mujin uploaded the 500 photos for no other reason than a fan asking him to do so! The photos were uploaded in groups of one hundred, the highest amount that Weverse allows at once.

| Weverse

The selfies ranged from cute on-the-job ones to no-make-up boyfriend-style photos.

| Weverse
| Weverse
| Weverse
| Weverse

Fans appreciated the gesture and even nonfans were a bit envious of Mujin posting so many photos!


KINGDOM’s debut year was mistakenly added as 2020 but has been corrected to 2021.

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