The K-Pop Idol Who Ran Away From Home After His Parents Told Him They Found Him Under A Bridge

“I was like, ‘Where are my real mom and dad?'”

It’s not all that unusual for a kid to “run away” from home at some point in their lives, even if it’s just down the street for five minutes. Usually it’s from some argument they had with their parents or siblings, and usually it’s resolved pretty quickly and it becomes a memory that they can look back on later in life and laugh about.

And there’s a K-Pop idol who has a story just like that! The idol, when he was seven, said that he asked his dad how his parents gave birth to him. Instead of giving the actual answer, though, his father apparently told him that he had picked the idol up from under a bridge when he was a baby!

He was so surprised and upset that he ended up running away to “find his real parents”. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to him during his attempt to find out where he “actually” came from, but his dad scolded him for it afterwards.

The idol in question? Stray Kids‘ maknae I.N.

I.N (Stray Kids) | SBS

Here’s the story told by I.N himself!

His running away attempt recently resurfaced online thanks to the “BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN KPOP” account on Twitter, and fans of Stray Kids are amused at the memory!

The quote retweets are hilarious to read, too!

Do you have a story like this from your childhood?

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